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Work in progress

After I completed one sampler for Personal Library of Stitches, my daughter Nan saw my post about lacking inspiration. She suggested that I make something for her new studio. I asked her what is her favorite color and what other colors does she like. She said, “Purple. Green, blue, and red.” In my thread stash I chose those colors, to which I added yellow and gold for brightness and contrast. Then I matched up the threads with some cotton fabrics from my stash.


Meanwhile, I was thinking of a theme and and it is “Celebration of Dance.” I decided to make a wall hanging like a banner, and it will be about 20″X10″. I tried painting these colors on a piece of cotton, but the colors were not as intense as I wanted. Next I played with colored papers for design ideas.


And finally I cut out the shapes from fabrics and fused them to fine linen as the ground fabric. I’ve stretched the linen over cotton backing on stretcher bars. This is the first layer of what I expect will be a multi-layered piece with lots of textured stitching, beads, and other materials. I’m going to put crewel filling stitches over the patches. So far, I don’t know what comes next, but I want to suggest movement. I’ve printed the photo so that I can play with pencil for ideas to fill the spaces around the patches. Meanwhile, I’ve also gone back to Sharon Boggon’s course, “Sumptuous Surfaces” for inspiration. This much I know, it’s going to be vibrant.


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Yesterday I drove to Ocean City, three hours away. I got there by 11:00 and walked the boardwalk, almost end-to-end, and back again, about two miles. It was a perfect day, not too hot, sunny and clear. I walked down to the water’s edge. On my walk, I saw LOTS of YOUNG people and no one near my age. What a treat! Though I had left my camera at home, I took some pictures with my phone. Not great, but enough to give you some idea. And to prove I was there.


For lunch I went to Fager’s Island. That’s where Ernie and I always had lunch upon arrival at Ocean City. Twenty years later, the restaurant has changed a lot, gone upscale, with white tablecloths and much more outdoor seating.  I had a Bloody Mary, followed by a humongous vegetarian sandwich. Good food, tastefully presented. Fager’s Island is on the Assawoman Bay side of the peninsula. Here’s the view from my table.


As you can see, the sky was blue with puffy white clouds. With no traffic delays, going or coming, I got back home at 4:30, after stopping for gas. A lovely outing. All day, I saw NO people of my age!

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Family visit

Lauryth and BeauCaleb and AuroraAurora's oysterBeau's oysterRachelFamily

Grandson Caleb and family were here at Cbarlestown for the past week.  Granddaughter Rachel and her fiance were at Michael’s house for the weekend. Here are shots of Caleb with Aurora and Lauryth with Beau at the Inner Harbor. Next are shots of Aurora and Beau having their first raw oysters. They loved them! Next is some of the family at Michael’s house with Rachel in the foreground. And finally, Caleb’s family in the guest apartment. We had a wonderful time with them here.

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Cast on and so on

Okay, here’s another TAST stitch–cast on stitch. It is stitch 30, worked on a patch for my February CQJP block.



Well, I’m sorry. I don’t seem to be able to get a clear shot. As for the stitching, nature’s blossoms are not all perfect or the same either.

Three years ago I think it was, I set up this fabric for TAST, intending it to be a nice sampler, documented and neat.



Since that time, my stitching is been very much off and on, mostly off. This bedraggled piece has been out of sight much of the time, and recently it became a doodle cloth. There it was, ready to use, so I’ve just done trials and tests on it.

Still trying to get back into regular stitching and regular blogging.

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New couching

When I scattered fly stitches in three colors all over the appliquéd ground, I saw that this would be a good background for something. I just didn’t know what. Well, I have finally used couching to put something over the fly stitches–for TAST Week 9.

You can’t tell from the photo that these strands of plastic beads are highly reflective. They appear luminescent, reflecting the colors of the stitching.

I think this little sampler could become part of a CQ block.

Maybe I’ll get there.

At present I am still mostly in seclusion and needing to lie down, eyes closed, several times a day. I’m not doing much, but I’m feeling much, much better.

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