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On Tuesday I received Sharon Boggon’s email about posting her 100th TAST stitch this week. She invited those of us who have stitched a lot of those stitches to post about that experience. That invitation took me back to my first blog and to the archive for TAST. There I skimmed through my posts and found that I first participated in TAST in 2007. Good heavens. Haven’t counted, but I’ve done lots of TAST stitches over the years since.

Then I went to my Flickr photostream. I posted most of my TAST stitches (and much else) there and added them to the TAST group. What a lot of memories I found there.

Back to the present. Last week I posted the TAST stitch, Eastern stitch on Flickr. It was the beginning of a seam treatment for my CQJP 2014 February block. Here it is.


This week I’ve practiced beaded Eastern stitch on my practice cloth. As you can see, even though my practice cloth is evenweave, I’ve stitched over waste canvas. That’s because ┬áthat’s the way I get even stitching on my CQ blocks. I’m not good at doing that free-hand.


On the left are smaller and larger Eastern stitches. On the right the stitches are beaded.

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I’m trying to press the “re-set” button for blogging. For the past couple of years, it has been very hard for me to write. It’s been a very difficult time, during which my husband died, my son died, four close friends died, and I moved myself across the continent and back, by myself. Besides losing loved ones, I lost the ability to stitch, to practice the piano, to read a book, and to write. Now I’m back in Charlestown, working on recovery from “nervous breakdown” or “vital exhaustion” or being just plain done-in.

Blogging, especially as part of the stitching community, was a source of great pleasure for me. A few months ago I discovered I could create needleart again and so I’m designing and stitching –intermittently, but continuing. I’m practicing the piano–not every day, but when I can. In the past couple of months I’ve been reading books, more than one at a time, and more than one a week. I’m definitely reading again. Now I want to try writing again.

Today I’m just going to post the latest TAST stitch, the beaded linked chain stitch. It is worked in black #5 pearl cotton with Miyuki 6/0 seed beads over a seam on my first block for the CQJP 2014 challenge. I’m hoping that participating in these challenges will get me back, not only into regular stitching, but back into the global stitching community. Do go take a look at what others are doing at the links I’ve provided.


And I’d love to hear from you!

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Continuing my effort to keep up with TAST (read all about Take a Stitch Tuesday here), I have used satin stitch and French knots to embellish a CQ block I’ve been working on for a while. Here are French knots inside fly stitches and atop detached chain stitches.

Below are French knots with satin stitch leaves.

The work-in-progress so far:

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Catching up with TAST

Here’s the sampler I worked as a CQ block, using TAST stitches.

I’ve used fly, buttonhole, feather, Cretan, herringbone, chevron, detached chain, chain, couching, running, whipped wheel, barred chain, and stem. The only missing stitch is satin. The orange beads aren’t really orange; they are slightly beige.

At my Flickr page, I’ve identified all the stitches on the image.

It feels good to be able to work again.

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After 28 days in silent retreat, I am feeling better but not yet recovered. I’m still spending 13/24 hours lying down, eyes closed. Unable to stitch, I haven’t kept up with TAST or CQJP.

This vermicelli couching is on a crazy patchwork pillow cover I made some years ago. Usually done with metal threads couched with silk, here I worked it with Kreinik copper metallic braid couched with a single strand of dark blue cotton floss. Can’t get a good photograph because of the metallic thread.

Couching is the stitch of the week for TAST.

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