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You may remember that I moved into a furnished apartment last September. I wanted to give myself time to find out how I would be living here on Vashon, in this utterly different environment and living situation. Before acquiring furnishings, I wanted time to figure out how I would use the space.

There was a huge, high, uncomfortable king-size bed here.

You can see it in the back of the apartment. I brought the piano, the recliner, and the TV with me; and I put the bookcases in. That bed is so high that I almost needed a stool to climb on to it. I wanted to replace it from the git-go, but I thought I should have a floor plan in mind before I asked Chris to start moving his furniture out. But he told me that taking out the bed would be “no problem.”

So when daughter Nan told me that she knew of a single bed I could have for free, I went to inspect and try it out on Friday. It was in like-new condition and very comfortable. Just what I wanted. I told Chris that I had a bed and that he could remove his whenever it was convenient.

As it happened, he had two workers coming here on Saturday, and they would help him move the bed. Very convenient! It took them about five minutes to get that monstrosity out of here.

As it happened, Geoff with his van was available Saturday, and so was Nan. An hour or so after Chris had removed the big bed, they arrived with my new little bed.

Now the back of my apartment looks like this:

What a difference it makes! And the new bed is SO much more comfortable–just my size.

So now I have a 9 ft. by 9 ft. open space that may become my work space. Geoff and Nan are on the look-out for a work table and a rug. They are very resourceful hunter-gatherers.

Meanwhile, Ernie can no longer communicate with me. Of course I knew this might happen, but I haven’t tried to prepare myself for all the possible scenarios that could happen. When he was able to talk with me a week or so ago, he told me that he was not in distress and that he had “put himself in the nurse’s hands.” He has 24-hour private nursing aides. I hope he is still reading my daily e-mail love notes.

This is hard, but my family here and back East are wonderfully supportive. I’m so glad to be near Geoff and Nan. I’m making a home for myself here.

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Happy new year, everyone!

Nan and I caroused last evening.

I took the picture with the timer on my camera–before we started drinking the wine.

There’s also work going on here. This is my improvised work station.

There are four lamps I’ve moved there and still there’s not enough light for stitching. But my portable design board is up with a completed block on it. There’s work-in-progress on the Table Mate.

Back with more soon.

I am very thankful to be here.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, I require orderliness. I need a place for everything and everything in its place. Without organization in my space and without structure and routine in my daily life, I neither feel well nor function well. Since arriving on Vashon two months ago, I have been obsessed with working to achieve both. I’ve made significant progress.

Last week the seven bookcases I ordered were delivered. They arrived in boxes weighing 50 lbs each. Despite the illustration on the boxes showing that they should be handled by two people, my gracious and strong landlord carried them all up the stairs to my apartment, leaving them on the deck. I moved them into the apartment. Here’s the last box standing on the deck.

Immediately I set to work assembling them, even though the instructions showed that two people were required. Here’s the best shot I couldĀ  get of myself at work.

The bookcases were delivered Monday morning. By Friday night I had all seven of them assembled–by myself. On Saturday I spent most of the day placing and loading them. Here’s the result.

Son Geoff and I had hung the art theĀ  previous week. There will be further re-arranging, no doubt; but having my books and art where I want them makes a huge difference. Here’s how my space looks now.

That big TV screen is obtrusive. I’m working with the owners’ furniture, you may remember and that’s pretty much where the TV has to be at present.

Here’s my office space.

I’m going to live with this arrangement until I know how I want to live. Will I be having guests? Do I want to be able to seat people around a table? Will I return to doing needlework design and execution? Will I need a design board? a work table? more storage for materials? In other words, will I want a work space? Will I want space for socializing? What about my clothes, which are hanging in the closet on the deck? At present, I have some hanging in the bathroom! Will I want to create closet space inside the apartment? What about lighting?

Wait and see.

Meanwhile, back to the point of this post about organization. Since I’ve gotten this far with making a home for myself in the barn, I have finished the needlebook project. You may remember that I made myself a traveling kit for my first visit to Vashon last July. Until a week or so ago, I had not been able to work on it. ADHD and too much to deal with. But you may also remember that I do not have UFOs. I always intended to finish this project. Now it’s done, and here’s what it looks like; the front first, then the inside, and the back.

Embroidery and crewel needles, and beading needles on the left.

Tapestry needles.

Even my scissors and needle threader.

And the back.

I’m pleased. It’s a simple design, simple color scheme, all worked in #5 cotton pearl. Mainly, I’m pleased that I was able to finish it.

Maybe now I can get back to making things. But first, my next project is going to be properly mounting my grandmother’s crewel work.

I’m not fully recovered yet, but the signs are good: I’ve read several books! I’ve written a book review! And I’ve stitched!

That’s why it’s important for me to be organized–so I can be productive. As you see, I’m blogging!

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