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Yesterday I drove to Ocean City, three hours away. I got there by 11:00 and walked the boardwalk, almost end-to-end, and back again, about two miles. It was a perfect day, not too hot, sunny and clear. I walked down to the water’s edge. On my walk, I saw LOTS of YOUNG people and no one near my age. What a treat! Though I had left my camera at home, I took some pictures with my phone. Not great, but enough to give you some idea. And to prove I was there.


For lunch I went to Fager’s Island. That’s where Ernie and I always had lunch upon arrival at Ocean City. Twenty years later, the restaurant has changed a lot, gone upscale, with white tablecloths and much more outdoor seating.  I had a Bloody Mary, followed by a humongous vegetarian sandwich. Good food, tastefully presented. Fager’s Island is on the Assawoman Bay side of the peninsula. Here’s the view from my table.


As you can see, the sky was blue with puffy white clouds. With no traffic delays, going or coming, I got back home at 4:30, after stopping for gas. A lovely outing. All day, I saw NO people of my age!


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Family visit

Lauryth and BeauCaleb and AuroraAurora's oysterBeau's oysterRachelFamily

Grandson Caleb and family were here at Cbarlestown for the past week.  Granddaughter Rachel and her fiance were at Michael’s house for the weekend. Here are shots of Caleb with Aurora and Lauryth with Beau at the Inner Harbor. Next are shots of Aurora and Beau having their first raw oysters. They loved them! Next is some of the family at Michael’s house with Rachel in the foreground. And finally, Caleb’s family in the guest apartment. We had a wonderful time with them here.

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