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Cast on and so on

Okay, here’s another TAST stitch–cast on stitch. It is stitch 30, worked on a patch for my February CQJP block.



Well, I’m sorry. I don’t seem to be able to get a clear shot. As for the stitching, nature’s blossoms are not all perfect or the same either.

Three years ago I think it was, I set up this fabric for TAST, intending it to be a nice sampler, documented and neat.



Since that time, my stitching is been very much off and on, mostly off. This bedraggled piece has been out of sight much of the time, and recently it became a doodle cloth. There it was, ready to use, so I’ve just done trials and tests on it.

Still trying to get back into regular stitching and regular blogging.

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On Tuesday I received Sharon Boggon’s email about posting her 100th TAST stitch this week. She invited those of us who have stitched a lot of those stitches to post about that experience. That invitation took me back to my first blog and to the archive for TAST. There I skimmed through my posts and found that I first participated in TAST in 2007. Good heavens. Haven’t counted, but I’ve done lots of TAST stitches over the years since.

Then I went to my Flickr photostream. I posted most of my TAST stitches (and much else) there and added them to the TAST group. What a lot of memories I found there.

Back to the present. Last week I posted the TAST stitch, Eastern stitch on Flickr. It was the beginning of a seam treatment for my CQJP 2014 February block. Here it is.


This week I’ve practiced beaded Eastern stitch on my practice cloth. As you can see, even though my practice cloth is evenweave, I’ve stitched over waste canvas. That’s because  that’s the way I get even stitching on my CQ blocks. I’m not good at doing that free-hand.


On the left are smaller and larger Eastern stitches. On the right the stitches are beaded.

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January block

Once again I am participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project.

I have pieced 13 6″ blocks, one for each month and one for practice. Here is the the 13th block, my trial block. I wanted to try out some of my ideas and see how they would look.

13th block

Here is my January block.


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